How to install Windows 10 preview version on VirtualBox

Installing Windows 10 on Surface Pro2 is easy and fast. I used Virtual Box to create a Virtual Machine for Windows 10. The entire process took not more than 10 minutes on my Surface Pro 2. Considering this is only a preview version, I would say the more modified and updated Windows 10 will take a little more time once it’s available. One would not want to install this Preview version on top of your current machines and is not recommended. Going through the Virtual Machine root is the safest way to save your data in case something crashes.

You can download the Technical Preview from here

 WINDOWS10 (2)

To start Install Virtual Box and create a ‘New’ Virtual Machine.

Name it whatever you feel like.I selected Windows 8.1 as version for 64 Bit for testing purpose


Select how much RAM you want to provide to the Virtual Machine. I randomly selected 3132 MB.


Create a Virtual hard dive:


My preferred way to run VMs is VDI



Following were the final settings of the VirtualBox and VDI


Now, click Start and you will be prompted to select a Virtual Disk file or a Windows 10 Preview CD


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