RESOLVED: Galaxy S5 , NOTE 4 finger print scanner issue with MS Exchange Calendar

***Please see my latest review for OWA WebMail app that bypasses Calendar issue***

We all are excited about our new Samsung Galaxy S5 & Note 4 and how awesome it’s finger print scanner is. I got my S5 on Day 1 of deliveries and was very disappointed that my Corporate Exchange email restricts me to type 8 Digit PIN.

I am not a big fan of Apple iPhone and really wanted Samsung to come up with finger print recognition. The 8 digit pin for unlocking your phone is a pain in the you-know-where and I pray to Microsoft & Samsung developers to make things simple and uncomplicated. Please read my previous article for more details

I used CloudMagic software to fix this problem but CloudMagic does not support Calendars to be synced. To solve this, I wrote a powershell script to get this job done but bigger problem was to let it run in background after every 30 minutes. This would eat up my RAM (I use Surface Pro 2 and I have to think about saving memory/juice). After more search I found this solution on Youtube and is the exact thing I was looking for.

Google Calendar Sync is the utility and it’s a life saver!! Download it here


I am grateful to Mike Senn for putting this amazing video together explaining how to install and configure the software. A big Thanks !

The utility stays open in Notification area and keeps syncing calendar every 30 minute (or whatever time you set it)


Although Google had some good suggestions already available but Mike’s answer to all those new Galaxy S5 & Microsoft Exchange Corporate users is the easiest. Now, I can sync my Google calendar to Microsoft Outlook and vice versa. So, I have Cloudmagic to help sync Email & Google Calendar Sync to synchronize Calendar.

Alternatively, one can also try another method:

1. Use CloudMagic to read  write your email

2. As Cloudmagic does not support calendar, use TouchDown HD to track calendar entries as a widget + check emails.


Let the two apps sync emails /calendar/tasks and optimize them together to decrease bandwidth usage.

It enables you to have a view on calendar without putting in 8 or 4 digit pin using TouchDown HD and on the other hand you can check emails using CloudMagic.

Looks like a Win-Win argument ? !

Let me know how this turns out with your organizational/exchange challenges.

11 thoughts on “RESOLVED: Galaxy S5 , NOTE 4 finger print scanner issue with MS Exchange Calendar

  1. Thanks for posting both this and the CloudMagic workaround, Satnix. Do you have any recommendations for the Contacts-sync part of this whole ActiveSync issue?


    • Hey JayLauz
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, the solution exists with TOUCHDOWN HD app for androids. However you will be required to put 8 or 4 digit PIN POST at launch of Touchdown app everytime. Rest assured this solution lets you search your synced contacts by your organization’s Global Address List. The best part is that your fingerprint scanner still works for all the other activities 🙂



    • Hey Randall
      That’s weird cuz it works well for me. Try deleting the entire calendar from phone and do a whole reset.
      If not, I suggest you go through the “Touchdown HD” route. It’s an android app. See my blog for details.


      • It isn’t that they don’t show up on the phone. They don’t make it from my Outlook account (managed from my desktop) to my Google account (also managed from my desktop). That they don’t show up on my phone is incidental.


  2. I added the Exchange account already but how do I remove it so I can use any lock type? I removed it and still can’t use anything besides the pin and password.


    • Go to Settings>>Emails>>Manage Accounts and ‘DELETE’
      Go to settings to remove the PIN Lock & Set your Finger Print recognition: On
      Then install TouchDown HD or Cloud Magic and configure them for your Exchange and do not chose security.

      Hope it helps


  3. Even better, just get the app NINE ( You only need a 6-digit pin when opening the app itself. You can do what you want with the phone then (fingerprint works). It costs $9.99 after 2 weeks right now, but it’s full-featured like Outlook and uses the built-in google/android calendar.


      • Thanks ScottK…. I just downloaded this on my boss’s phone and it works like a charm! You sure saved me from a big headache. Now ONLY the email is pass worded. Fantastic! I recommend it satnix, it’s always better to have to only use one app. It sincs email, calendar, tasks, and contacts.


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