Arcade era back in Chrome browser: Cube Slam

Cube Slam is a part of Chrome Experiments and has been developed as an open source by Google. It’s an arcade game inside your Chrome browser and for the old time lovers the game provides Arcad-ish music + a great gaming experience. For all those people who are bored in office or home and have restrictions to install and play games, this is the game you were looking for.

By Default you play against “Bob” the Bear. The game is very similar to Arkanoid but you play against your opponent. You have other options to play against your friend where you can send an invite as a link and they can ‘Accept’ and start playing. The game gives a 3D feel and every new level has new colors of playing area.

Personally, I am a big fan of playing Arcade games and I must say, this game is very addictive.

Cube Slam is built using WebRTC, an open web technology that lets you video chat with your friends right in the browser, no plug-ins necessary. The getUserMedia API provides access to your webcam and microphone, RTCPeerConnection sends the audio and video to your friends, and RTCDataChannel exchanges all the bits and pieces that keep the game in sync. When there are no firewalls in the way, game data can be sent directly peer-to-peer, greatly reducing server costs.

Cube Slam is built entirely on Google Cloud Platform. The app is hosted on Google App Engine with a backend written in Go, and the Channel API is used to set up the connection with your opponent. If one of the players is behind a firewall, the game uses a STUN/TURN server hosted on Google Compute Engine to exchange data. PageSpeed helps things load quickly, and AppCache lets you play offline.


The Cube Slam is an open source and the code is available online.



When Bob loses: